By the Plutocrats, of the Plutocrats, for the Plutocrats

Sometimes you can find a gem in the strangest places.  From a comment by Knoxville News reader SmixonNack responding to a letter to the editor:
The government we have in this country, at present, is not representative of the majority. They are, in fact, only truly representative of a small and powerful minority.  And when the people who are elected to represent us are incapable of doing so, and are also elevated to the status of belonging to an an entirely separate and privileged class within society, simply by being elected, our self-assured notion that we function as a representative democracy becomes invalid.

In fact, I would argue that truly representative democracy in the US, however flawed it may have been, died a very long time ago and has been replaced with a system I can only describe as plutarchy, a combination of oligarchy and plutocracy.

Unfortunately, history shows us that governments such as ours lead only to tyranny and ever-increasing violence perpetrated upon citizens by the State. They don't backtrack. They don't downsize. They grow continually and without resistance. Our form of government has only one setting, and that is full speed ahead.

Perhaps even more unfortunately, history also teaches us that there are only three ways of halting this form of societal madness: it collapses under its own weight, it is forcibly collapsed by a third party nation, or the people declare war on the State and collapse it themselves.  If I remember correctly, the men who founded this country warned us this was going to happen.

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