Made in the USA

From Democracy Now:
AMY GOODMAN: We are also joined in our New York studio by Mostafa Omar, an Egyptian American activist and writer who lives in New York City. Mostafa, I wanted to ask you about the U.S. response. Clearly, the U.S. weighs in big-time here, makes an enormous difference. The second-largest recipient of U.S. aid, well over $2 billion the Egyptian government receives. What about what Hillary Clinton has said? Has President Obama weighed in?

MOSTAFA OMAR: It’s really interesting that Hillary Clinton said that she supports the universal rights of the Egyptian people, after the fact that the Egyptian people have begun to exercise those rights. The Secretary of State had no such words for the Egyptian regime over the last number of years.
In fact, what she also forgot to mention is that the tear gas and the tanks that are driving into protesters, the concussion grenades, are all made in the United States. That is the meaning of $2 billion in military aid, military and economic aid.
Pictures of the teargas canisters and concussion grenades being launched by Egyptian security forces against protesters have already begun circulating online:

Coming soon to a street near you?

Update:  Live stream of Al Jazeera's English-language coverage of ongoing protests.  Reportedly, police stations and the headquarters of the National Democratic Party have been set on fire.  Wikileaks has released a large number of Egypt-related State Department cables today.  Among them: a cable on Egypt's Emergency Law and Its Broad Uses, as well as another on "routine and pervasive" police brutality in the country.

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