On the Radar in the Third Party and Independent Blogosphere

Some new finds in the third party and independent blogosphere:
• The Black Independent Voter Network blog is back online after a year-long hiatus.  In the post announcing the site's return, BIV writes: "The writers of this blog are moderates (socially liberal, fiscally conservative), however, we want Black independent voters from all political spectrums to share their opinions and provide feedback on what we can do to ensure the political process truly represents the best of America." 

Regaining the Center provides "commentary on the politics of division" from a centrist perspective.  A recent post draws a comparison between weather forecasters and political prognosticators: "There are no signs of snow but the forecasters are adamant, look out for 20 inches or more. Political forecasters are much the same.  They continually predict unfavorable consequences but like the pros, always leave themselves a way out."

Blue Carp is the blog of David K. Williams, Jr, the State Chairman for the Libertarian Party of Colorado, who writes, "I believe in freedom. Without apology. Taxes encroach on freedom. State power encroaches on freedom. I am not an absolutist. I am not an ideologue. I am not an anarchist.  I believe that taxes and the state are necessary. Yet so is water. Too much of it, and you drown."

Vote for Myself follows national and international political news, and makes a point to cover third party and independent politics, with specific categories for Greens, Libertarians, Tea Partisans, Constitution party activists etc.  VFM asks: "Why do we allow our supposed leaders to take bribes, abuse power and run the country the way they wish instead of the way the people wish for it to be run? Why are these people elected in the first place? Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to these questions."

My Own Political Party is yet another outgrowth of the widespread opposition to the Democratic-Republican two-party state.  The site is maintained by a "work-at-home mom" who writes, "I am so tired of the Republican and Democratic Parties, I decided to start my own party."

Politics: the Next Generation is maintained by two politically engaged teenagers, Ashley and Anya, who want to "dispel the stereotype of a politician or political commentator as a forty-something old guy in a business suit," according to the site's "about" page.  In recent days, Double-A have been debating the necessity of political parties, or the lack thereof.   

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