NY Election Results Certified, No Reports Yet on Blank

New York's 2010 general election results have finally been certified.  The Ithaca Journal reports that turnout was low, and that third parties fared well.  Excerpt:
New Yorkers did not turn out in droves for the 2010 elections, but still managed to give a boost to independent parties that could affect the outcome of future elections. .  .
Vote tallies certified this week by the state Board of Elections showed voter turnout on Election Day was 44.5 percent -- the fourth lowest since 1932. All told, about 4.7 million voters cast ballots. . .
The Green Party's gubernatorial candidate, Syracuse-based activist Howie Hawkins, hit the 50,000-vote threshold in order to give the party automatic ballot status for the next cycle. He received a total 59,928 votes.
The Conservative Party, meanwhile, will move up to Row C and the Working Families Party is being bumped up to Row D on the ballot based on the vote totals of the top of their tickets, Paladino and Cuomo respectively.  The Independence Party will move down two spots to Row E.
No reports yet on levels of support for Blank in the State Senate and Assembly.  

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TiradeFaction said...

Good on the Green Party winning ballot access. Would have liked the "Rent is too damn high" party to win ballot line access as well though.