It's Time to Scrap the Two-Party System

From a commentary by Bob Iozzia for Patriot News at Penn Live:
I believe I can speak for my fellow disenfranchised central Pennsylvanians who try to vote for the candidate, not the party; who perhaps are liberal on some issues and conservative on others; who might have experienced first or secondhand downsizing or outsourcing because of the greed of hypocritical politicos; who are sick and tired of being sick and tired; who want to send our children to college without paying an arm and a leg. If we don’t have a good leg to stand on, it will be a challenge to remain upright — and if we fall, the nation falls. . . .

We are a nation divided into so many pieces whose rounded edges have been sharpened, that how the puzzle will be made whole is puzzling. As long as greed (for money or power) and arrogance are the backbone of our system of government, we are screwed.

It’s time to scrap the traditional two-party system so that the ponderous machine of government can finally be towed from the mud. Perhaps if the people we elect are not guided by the “gang mentality” imposed by party lines and labels, meaningful progress will be made. A nonpartisan form of government is a pipe dream, I know. But a disenfranchised moderate can dream, can’t he? Come on, man! [Emphasis added.]

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