Opt Out of the Two-Party Charade, Declare Your Independence

The forced choice between strip search and sexual assault that is being foisted upon American air travelers by the DHS/TSA resembles nothing so much as the false choice between the Republican and Democratic parties forced upon the American people by the structure of the reigning two-party state.  The supposed competition and opposition between the Republican and Democratic parties is as much a political charade as the DHS/TSA's new protocols are little more than security theater.  It is time to opt out of the imaginary double binds with which our political system confronts us on a daily basis.

Is there a better metaphor for the choice between the Democratic and Republican parties than that between invasive strip search and public sexual assault conducted by the agents of Democrat-Republican party government?  It might even go some way toward explaining the pervasiveness of ideological and political Stockholm Syndrome among American voters, not to mention the rapidly-cycling bipolar disorder of the American electorate.  Opt out of the two-party charade.  Declare your political independence from the two-party state and duopoly system of government.

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