The Democratic-Republican Party's Political Class War Against the People of the United States

From a letter to the editor of the Napa Valley Register:

This recent election has set my mind running wild in thought. Once again I personally feel we had no choice in voting for a leader, but instead voted for the person who would do the least damage. To me this is not a choice, and has not been a choice to pick a leader for the last 20 years. The debate brought this fact to the forefront of my mind. With six candidates running for the governor’s office, we got to hear the views of only two of them. It is obvious the only views worth hearing, or of any importance, are determined by both the Republicans and Democratic parties.
To me, there is no difference between the actions of the two parties, and only minor differences in philosophy between the two. They are both self-serving groups and not community-serving groups.
I do not see the purpose anymore for the two parties, because they are thinking as party members and not Americans. I think of the Constitution stating “We the People,” as a group of individuals banning together for a common good. Now I look and see the Democrats and Republicans banding together for the “party good,” not what is good for America. This is both sad and dangerous. . . .
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DLW said...

US parties have always been somewhat self-serving...that part is not new.

The difference is that we are now reaping the consequences of the cultural wars poisoning of our democracy, the weak habit s of political deliberation by most USAmericans, as well as the increased fragmentation of our culture due to hyper-individualism in the US.

The question is what's the next move. For CA, things are so bad, that they really do need a new state constitution, in my opinion. I do not think the same is true for all the other states.