TPID: Interview with Darcy Richardson

In a series of posts this week at Third Party and Independent Daily, I'll be publishing a lengthy interview with Darcy Richardson.  Darcy is a veteran independent political activist, a historian of the third party and independent political tradition in the United States, and an Independent candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Florida, running on the gubernatorial ticket of economist and author Farid Khavari.  He is perhaps most well known for his his multi-volume history of third party and independent politics in the United States, entitled Others, as well as for his numerous articles on historical and contemporary political underdogs, many of which can be found at Uncovered Politics, a political news and opinion website he co-founded by earlier this year.  Less well-known, however, is Darcy's long career of independent political activism.  In the first part of the interview, which I just published today, Darcy talks about his decision to join Khavari's gubernatorial ticket and his previous political experiences as both candidate and activist.  In the process, he provides a short history of the Citizens and Consumer Party from 1979 to 1987.  

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