On the Radar in the Third Party and Independent Blogosphere

It's been a while since the last roundup of my recent discoveries in the third party and independent blogosphere, so there are a few more than usual.  All are well worth checking out:
The Punk Patriot is dedicated to "life, liberty and the pursuit of a less f**cked up government."  Over the last week, the PP has been closely following the scandalous arrest of Green Party candidate for governor of California, Laura Wells.  Wells was charged  trespassing when she tried to attend  – as a spectator! – a gubernatorial debate she was barred from participating in. 

• At The Extreme Moderate, Curt Day publishes two or three original articles per month.  In his most recent piece, Day calls for the overthrow of the two-party system.

Liberty Talk is a Libertarian, but Republican-leaning blog, "engaged in the fight to sustain liberty, conservative ideals, and free market capitalism."

Wild Irish Rose provides occasional punditry from a moderate independent perspective, but we can expect more in the future. Having just rebooted the site, Irish Rose writes, "The internet is chock full of asshats, extremists, crazies and hypocrites who deserve to be driven out into the light and exposed, and I’ll be doing a lot of that here. I also need a good place to discuss politics, exercise my perverted Irish sense of humor, engage in sarcasm and snark, and show my appreciation for parody. This seems the logical place for it."
Nihilo Zero is an anarchist-leaning blog that is, unfortunately, only updated a couple times a month.  The site offers, "radical thoughts on a variety of issues ranging from economics & environmental degradation to protests & the military-industrial complex. For freedom, sustainability, and revolution."  Most recently, N.Zero has expressed reservations about the upcoming Stewart/Colbert rally

Preserving Freedom is the blog of Jim Rongstad, and an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.  Today he considers "the false hope of Republican promises."

The Independent Rage notes that independents are "relevant, angry and everywhere."  The blog is dedicated to the proposition that "whenever you stand up against slimeballs, you're doing the right thing."  Oh yeah, there is also "The Ladies Panel" in the sidebar. 

Noah Kaplowitz is a Libertarian leaning eponymous blog.  It offers "commentary on the subjects of politics, political philosophies, history and conspiracy theories."  Kaplowitz notes, "I believe in liberty, self governance, individuality, personal responsibility and small government. . . . Oh, and I am running for President in 2012. Check out my full Political Platform."

The Center for Election Science is a new organization dedicated to voting reform and the study of voting methods and methodologies, and appears to be partial toward approval and range voting.  See also their Google Group and Yahoo Group
As usual, if you've recently come across any noteworthy third party or indy blogs, or maintain one yourself, drop a link in the comments.


Otter Limits said...

A recent blog of mine on Otter Limits lists my state's Independent alternatives to the same old cosmetic-only change that we are given.


The Independent Rage said...

Nice blog. We Independents have to stick together. I'll add you to my blog roll.

Kap said...

I appreciate the mention. Please don't be a stranger around my place. I'll most definitely add you to my blogroll.


d.eris said...

Great. Thanks for stopping by y'all. In the third party and indy blogosphere we have to hang together or we will surely hang separately, as the old saying goes.

Irish Rose said...

Really nice blog, thanks for the nod! It's always a pleasure to meet fellow independents. Adding you to my blogroll.