Poll: Majority Support for Third Party Alternatives, Number of Duopolist Dead-Enders Continues to Dwindle

A majority of Americans think the country needs real, viable alternatives to the Democratic and Republican parties, according to a new NYT/CBS poll. Only 42% of respondents expressed support for the current two-party state and duopoly system of government. How much longer will the partisan dead-enders of the duopoly parties be able to maintain the fiction that their parties and candidates are are supported by and reasonably represent the people of the United States, without getting laughed out of the room? From the most recent NYT/CBS News poll:
Amid disapproval of the major political parties, the percentage of Americans who think the country needs a third party to compete with the Republicans and Democrats has risen 8 points from this past spring. 54% say the country needs a third party, similar to the levels seen in the mid-nineties. Tea Partiers are just as likely as all Americans to think the nation needs a third party – 56% of them think that.

Does the country need a third political party?
Yes 54%
No 42%

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