On the Radar in the Third Party and Independent Blogosphere

Some new discoveries in the third party and independent blogosphere:

The Skeptical Eye is a politically independent left-leaning group blog with anarchist and libertarian tendencies, judging from its blogroll at least. Motto: "Opposing the Machinery of Mass Conformity."

Rise of the Center, maintained by Solomon Kleinsmith, is a moderate, centrist political blog with tons of links as well as original reporting and commentary. From the "about" page: "A cursory view of support of the two party system over the last few decades shows a steady move away from the two parties . . . But it wasn’t until more recently that those who consider themselves unrepresented, or underrepresented, began to coalesce into a political force in some areas."

The Pragmatic Center is another moderate, centrist political hub, maintained by Nicholas Goebel and based in Michigan. In addition to its forum, it also has a social networking component, and follows world, national and local news items. Goebel writes: "More than 60% of Americans are either independents or moderates. Yet our political process is dominated by the extremes of both political parties and their special interests. ThePragmaticCenter.com gives a voice to us, the Rational Majority who demands collaboration rather than confrontation, moderation rather than extremism, and pragmatism rather than irrational adherence to outdated ideologies."

Free From Editors has been online for a few years, but I first came across it in the last few weeks. Jim from L-Town mixes personal blogging with political commentary and reporting from a libertarian-leaning perspective informed by a desire for greater political choice within the context of the ruling two-party state.

Political Thermopylae demands: "Give the partisans nothing! But take from them everything!" Unfortunately, the the site is not regularly updated, but you'll see a lot of familiar names from the third party and independent blogosphere in the blogroll.

If you've recently come across a new third party or independent blog or site, or if you maintain one yourself, drop a link in the comments.

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