On the Radar in the Third Party and Independent Blogosphere

Some third party and independent-oriented sites and blogs I've come across over the last few weeks that may be of interest to Poli-Tea readers:
• The Proportional Representation Party: "Proportional Representation IS modern democracy. The PR Party is an organization founded in 2007 to promote the concepts of proportional representation in New York and the entire US. Most modern democracies in the world today use some form of PR to elect their local and national legislatures and we in this country ought to be doing the same. The time has come to replace the old fashioned two-party-winner-take-all politics that characterizes US politics, and PR provides a modern all-inclusive method of doing it."

All Things Reform: Maintained by David Weller, who writes, "Civic engagement is patriotism- democratic political activism. Following 180 sources for the top activist & nonprofit news & commentary." Tons of links, daily.

The Current: "Independent conservative that has had enough of big government, out of control spending, and shameless politicians in Washington legislating our freedoms away one crisis at a time."

Political Party Pooper: Radically independent, liberal-libertarian leaning political commentary. PPP writes: "This is what you get when you allow political parties to run your country. Sooner or later, political parties always devolve into demagoguery."

Frankenstein Government: Political commentary from a civil libertarian perspective, "Escaping the insanity of a dysfunctional two party system is sane. In fact, it is our only hope."
In other third party and independent blogosphere news, Liberal Arts Dude bids us farewell and announces his retirement from active blogging in his final post at An Ordinary Person. Long-time readers will surely recall some of LAD's numerous substantive contributions in the comments here at Poli-Tea. LAD's suggestions and input also helped kickstart the development of Third Party and Independent Daily – to which he was an early contributor – as well as Third Party and Independent Daily Headlines. Thanks LAD, all the best in your future endeavors!

If you've recently discovered a noteworthy third party or independent-oriented site or blog, or maintain one yourself, drop a link in the comments.


Otter Limits said...

I've been trying to focus most of my political blogging on independent and third parties lately.

My website is http://www.otterlimits.net

DLW said...

I rewrote my basic entry on American Proportional Representation.