The Illusion of Choice in the Two-Party State: Condition of the Democratic-Republican Political Class War Against the People of the United States

In a lengthy post, Political Party Pooper debunks the myth of choice under the conditions of the Democratic-Republican two-party state and duopoly system of government:

We all have numerous choices in America. It’s one of the trademarks of a Capitalistic society. Grocery stores confuse me and I tend to stay out of department stores for fear of getting lost. If I visit or any one of thousands of online stores (millions?) I’m struck by the plethora of choices I face.

So why is it that when I vote in America, I’m dumbfounded by the lack of choice?

Let’s see; I can choose a Democrat…or a Republican…a Democrat…or a Republican…a Democrat…or a Republican. Some choice. It’s like voting for the devil or his twin brother . . .

The state of our union is corrupt; dominated by two political parties who weren’t even in existence when our Constitution was written. Those two parties are almost wholly funded by Corporate or special interests; many of those even foreign interests. It’s become so bad in these last years that in a decision between special interests and the interests of the citizens of America, special interests always win. . . .

So when I vote this fall for a governor, a senator, and a congressional seat, I’ll be choosing between two parties who really only represent one interest; the corporations or special interests who gave the most money. Sure, if I had a billion dollars to give these folks I could buy legislation, too. But that’s not the way our system is supposed to work!

I’m supposed to have choices! This is America, for God’s sake! But time after time, the choice I’m left with is (R) or (D). Like I said, some choice.

It’s not a choice. It has the illusion of choice, but it’s not really a choice. If it were, we might be able to trust a politician when he says he’s an outsider and he’ll change things. But when I look at that guy and see a (D) or an (R) behind his name, I know that no change is coming.
However, PPP argues against voting third party on the basis of the claim that the spirit of party is itself the problem:

What America needs is not a third party. Sorry Tea Party, but you are Republican Lite. We need another one of those like we need a Second Great Depression.

What America needs is a new, yet old, philosophy. We need to start anew the idea that we can govern ourselves without the help of political parties or a ruling class. That’s what political parties are, you know; a ruling elite, without whom America would be lost; or so they would have us believe.

Instead, PPP concludes with a spirited call for political independence:

Find an Independent, or become one. Run for office Independently. Do it locally, or, if you can get the funding, do it nationally. Change won’t come easily, and it won’t come all at once. But it won’t come at all if we keep making the same choices we’ve always made.

It turns out, those choices weren’t really choices at all.

The only wasted vote is a vote for a Republican or a Democrat.

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DLW said...

What we need are more LT parties...

I see LT or Local Third parties that specialize in contesting local elections and o.w. engaging in civil issue advocacy through civil disobedience and activism and strategically voting together in major elections. (I foresee them giving some or all of their vote to a major party candidate depending on how (s)he commits on their issues.)