Political Independence: the Anti-Party

The Republican Herald reports on the independent candidacy of Dennis Baylor, who is running for the Pennsylvania state legislature as an independent under the banner of the "No-Party Party":

The field of candidates seeking the state 125th Legislative District seat grew this week. Dennis Baylor, running under the No-Party Party banner, got the required 308 signatures to appear on the General Election ballot. He'll challenge incumbent Democrat Tim Seip and Republican Ettore G. DiCasimirro in November. . . .

The 60-year-old retired engineer, who resides in Tilden Township, also said he sees "systematic" problems in Harrisburg, with pressing issues often overshadowed by partisan bickering. He said he has watched major national debates continue to go without resolutions as Republicans and Democrats spend the vast majority of their time fighting with one another. "I think we're getting to that point in Pennsylvania," he said.

Specifically, Baylor stressed cutting state spending. He supports the downsizing or outright elimination of some programs, including pre-kindergarten programs paid for with taxpayer money. He said such programs aim "to turn government into some ad hoc babysitter."

Baylor also supports major overhauls to Pennsylvania's criminal justice system, which has become the third-largest expense to taxpayers. "There are some issues in this country that have gotten to the point that they aren't even topics of discussion anymore. That is one of them," he said.

Baylor's campaign slogan, featured at his website: "Stop the most extravagant state government in America."

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