Flip-Flopping the Bums: the Case Against Reactionary Voting

From a letter to the editor of the Washington Olympian:

We hear a lot these days from citizens who want to throw the bums out by voting for the opposing political party. I wonder if they have really given thought to the effectiveness of their plan.

One of the biggest setbacks of our era is the two-party system. Whichever party is in power, the other party makes it their primary focus to stall, accuse, antagonize, belittle and hate them. Very little regard is given to the people they represent or the current crisis at hand.

It’s all about the party. Their energies go into fighting the other party rather than working to repair our broken nation. If you think your party doesn’t do this then you need take a closer and perhaps more honest look.

Voting for the other party does nothing but flip-flop the “bums.” This country is never going to heal itself until the voters strip away these two parties completely and vote in candidates who have no affiliation with any party, person or corporation and are free to actually represent the people.

How many times have we voted some new, fresh and uncorrupted candidate into office only to have them stymied until they agree to play ball with the good ol’ boys and stop meddling with the status quo.

I do not believe our usual house cleaning is in the best interest of our country. We need to build a new house – from the ground up.

Vote smart, not angry.


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