CAIVN, the Tea Party Movement and a Contrarian View of the Prospects for Third Party and Independent Gains in 2010

Since adding my submission to the California Independent Voter Network's call for video declarations of independence, I have begun to write for their main site. My first piece went online earlier this week, and provided an overview of the tea party movement and the prospects for independent and third party candidates for office. Many of the more general points will be familiar to regular readers of Poli-Tea, but, in preparation, I contacted Darcy Richardson to see if he would be interested in supplying a comment for quotation. His considerable, critical response touched on everything from the Florida Tea Party to the more prominent independent candidates for governor and US Senate, from the notable failures of the national third parties to the outlook for promising individual third party candidates, among other things, and thus went well beyond what could have been reasonably worked into the article – so I asked him if I could publish it in full at TPID and he obliged. If you're interested, check out the piece at CAIVN and then head over to TPID to read Darcy's "contrarian view."

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