UT: Independents Seek to Contain the Disaster that is Democratic-Republican Party Government

Randy Miller of the Utah League of Independent Voters has another guest post at the Hankster in which he explains his falling out with the Republican and Democratic parties and tells how he came to be an independent activist. I've also heard word that Randy is currently in the process of organizing a Facebook-based debate between the third party and independent candidates in Utah's 3rd Congressional District: Joe Puente (I), Jake Shannon (L) and Douglas Sligting (C). More details to follow when they become available.

50% of voters in Utah are registered independents. Dave Glissmeyer, an independent candidate for US House in the state's 2nd Congressional District, argues that it is time for Americans to "stop voting for the Republicans and Democrats who are running the bus over the cliff":
Let me ask you one simple question: “Do you want your government run by men and women who are more worried about their political career than simply doing the right thing?” My guess is your answer is “No.” If so, why are you reluctant to break away from the archaic two Party duopoly and help bring in new people with fresh ideas? Voters, the only way for THAT to HAPPEN is for YOU to vote for candidates who care not about getting re-elected but are focused on getting the job done . . .

If you, the voter, are truly disgusted with your government and want it to operate differently, more effectively, more efficiently, then you need to STOP VOTING FOR THE REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS WHO ARE RUNNING THE BUS OVER THE CLIFF. Unless you’re willing to stand up and call out for something different this coming election, you’ll be wasting your vote . . .

A major reason Obama was elected was due to the great amount of disappointment and disillusionment with President Bush’s Republican Administration. Now, less than two years later, the Democratic leadership has become just as disappointing and many are considering going BACK to the Republicans they just voted out as the solution. Voters, that’s NOT a solution. It’s madness.

Both Parties have shown reckless abandon when it comes to spending your tax dollars. Both Parties are more interested in gaining or re-gaining power than they are your opinion. Both Parties create conflicts of interest (warping law) because of this money they actively solicit. Both Parties pander for large cash donations from special groups and ignore you, the citizen. Are you ready for something different yet?

Thanks to Randy for the link.

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