The Two-Party System is a "Catastrophic Failure"

From a letter to the editor of the Lawrence Journal (KS), via TPID:
In an April 11 editorial, the Lawrence Journal-World states that “a strong two-party system may be considered the backbone of American democracy.” The two-party system is not called out in the Constitution, and there is no evidence that it is the backbone of anything. The truth is both Republican and Democratic policies have been catastrophic failures for American democracy. A responsive and accountable government requires a variety of viewpoints and participation by several entities — not two.
A better option is a multi-party system that results in true compromise and coalitions that represent voter interests more effectively. It is telling that while the two major parties have been losing voters, Libertarian Party registration has held steady. The current movement of voters to the independent rolls does not show they are upset with the lack of bipartisanship; it shows they are upset with the system itself.


nooneofanyimport said...

Hey thanks for visiting my site and commenting. I don't get many visitors. Your arguments for ditching the 2 party system are well-stated and maybe right in the end.

But right now, I'm too pragmatic to take the Republican knife out of my back. I'm going to see if enough change can be made from within. Sometimes, pulling the knife out is what kills you lol.

You've given me food for thought.

d.eris said...

Thanks for the note noone.