Third Party and Independent Blogosphere Roundup

It's been a while since I've done a third party and independent blogosphere news and opinion roundup. To a great extent, this has been because I now relay those items in the Poli-Tea News Share or at Third Party and Independent Daily. However, there are so many interesting pieces out there today, some quick links and excerpts are in order:
Randy Miller, founder of the Utah League of Independent Voters, writes in a guest post for The Hankster: "The two parties in their successful quest to dominate elected positions and policy conversations, have established an accurate portrait of an out of touch aristocrcy with 2 factions. The independent paradigm that is taking shape today is both epic and historic. We are confronted with the task of completely changing the way we do politics and conduct elections. We are charged with returning to a government by and for the people.

• At Economy in Crisis, John Shriver argues that "the two-party system must go": "As the money flows, the two party system continues. It is time to change the status quo and it will be difficult to do. It is clear that neither party has the best interests of America at heart and it is time for change and to end the two party system. It is time to go with the individual instead of a party platform that does little to address the pressing issues of America."

• At Whiskey and Gunpowder, Nelson Hultberg, author of The Conservative Revolution: Why We Must Form a Third Party to Win It, argues that "America must be saved from the corporate statism" of the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Jay Henderson writes at Annuit Coeptis that the only wasted vote is a vote for a Democrat or a Republican: "If one thing should be crystal clear, it is this: The “wasted votes,” the votes which are “thrown away,” are those cast for Democrats and Republicans . . . If the major parties were running Satan and Beelzebub for office, would you vote for Beelzebub because he is “the lesser of two evils?” Not this citizen; if those are the choices, I’m a write-in for Jesus."

• At The Think 3 Institute, Sam Wilson considers the possibilities of a conservative-progressive alliance against the creeping national security state and global warfare state: "The good news about efforts to build antiwar coalitions across partisan and ideological lines is the truth they reveal about our political system. They pit people of the left and right against a "center" that pretends to be both at the same time and stages very convincing combats to prove the claim."

• BuelahMan's Redstate Revolt argues that it's "time to clean house": "until Americans stop voting for either of the two complicit corrupt and criminal “Parties”, we are nothing more than a dumb ole ping pong ball being hit back and forth . . . if we put the two ruling “parties” on the road by cleaning house; by swearing to NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT, we could make change. Even if 50% of America did this, it would end the stranglehold."

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