No More Bailouts for the Democratic and Republican Parties: Break Up the Corporate Bipoligarchy, Declare Your Independence

The Democratic and Republican Parties are too small to succeed: no more bailouts for the politically bankrupt. With the Senate poised to consider financial and banking reform, over a year and a half after a handful of politically connected multinational corporations successfully looted the US treasury with the help of their criminal co-conspirators in the leadership of the Democratic and Republican Parties, perhaps it is only appropriate to ask how long it will be before the people of the United States break up and dismantle the corporatist oligarchy that is the Democratic-Republican Party. The Democratic-Republican two-party state and duopoly system of government poses a systemic risk to constitutional government in the United States and represents a threat to individual rights, civil liberties and the rule of law.

Though the people of the United States continue to bail them out election after election, there is no sense in which the Democratic and Republican Parties are too big to fail, at least if we define success as facilitating representative, democratic-republican constitutional government. Indeed, in this regard, Democratic-Republican Party government is nothing less than a catastrophic failure. On the other hand, if success is defined as the reproduction and expansion of the global warfare and corporate welfare state, in conjunction with the ongoing centralization and monopolization of political power in the hands of the ruling political elite, not to mention the maintenance of the reactionary corporatist bipoligarchy that has become synonymous with Democratic-Republican Party government, – well, then the Democratic and Republican Parties are indeed too big to fail.

And this is why they need to be broken up and dismantled: they pose a grave, systemic risk to constitutional government, human rights, civil liberties and the rule of law. How different is the atmosphere of everyday Democratic-Republican politics from that which dominated the country at the height of the financial crisis? The professional propagandists of the Democratic and Republican Parties are always effectively in a state of hysterical overreaction, framing the opposition between one reactionary faction of the ruling corporatist elite and the other as that between life and death, good and evil, reason and insanity. Yet the result of Democratic-Republican Party government is always the same: the expansion of the global warfare and corporate welfare state, the further empowerment of the ruling political class, the trampling of rights and liberties for the rest of us.

It is long past time that the people of the United States cease bailing out the Democratic and Republican Parties, which are nothing more than the intellectually, morally and politically bankrupt organs of narrow corporatist interests. We must cease returning them to power election after election, cease donating hard-earned dollars to fill the slush-funds of the party committees and the campaign coffers of professional politicians, cease buying the cheap arguments sold to us by the hysterical propagandists in both the mainstream and independent media.

Today, political freedom and independence begins with freedom and independence from the Democratic and Republican Parties, from the politics of the two-party state and duopoly system of government. Support third party and independent alternatives to the reproduction of the status quo.

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AnarchyJack said...

Hi Damon,

I find it refreshing that someone other than progressives (who are usually themselves corporate whores) is willing to address the issue of corporatism. The bailouts that were started with the blessing of the Republicans (for it, now against it) and continued under Democrats (skeptical of it, now unapologetically for it) not only rescued Wall Street's biggest criminals, but also converted the biggest losers from large scale competition into titanic assets for JPMorgan&Chase, Goldman Sachs and BofA, to name only a few.

It was upon this paradox that the fallacy of corporatism is exposed: the capitalist components of "creative destruction", "free enterprise" and "competition would seem to apply only those private banks, whose more discerning approach to the market yielded a smaller profit, but cost the taxpayer nothing. The selective preservation of the reckless mega-financiers removes any advantage the smaller banks might have earned through scrupulous business practices.

To put it another way, the market's fittest is about to get fucked. This is capitalism?