CO: Third Party and Independent Candidatates Profiled in the Colorado Statesman

In the Colorado Statesman, Anthony Bowe has filed a report on the many third party and independent candidates for office in Colorado in an article entitled, "Third party candidates take root." The piece provides an overview, by name and affiliation, of twenty-four Libertarian Party, Unity Party, Green Party, Constitution Party and Independent candidates for governor, the US Congress and Senate, while supplying the most detail on the efforts of the Libertarian Party and Unity Party. An excerpt:
Third party candidates in Colorado are galvanized by grassroots efforts permeating the country this election season. A large number of so-called alternative candidates have joined a mix of Republicans trying to unseat Democrats by capitalizing on the pulsing tea party movement and a growing number of unaffiliated voters.

The Libertarian Party, for instance, trumpets eleven candidates in Colorado for U.S. senate, congress and governor. The Unity Party of America follows with four candidates, the Green Party has two, and the American Constitution Party has one in the state. Half a dozen independent candidates are also running in 2010.

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