The New American Independent Party and the Uphill Struggle for Ballot Access

In New Hampshire, the Foster's Daily Democrat reports on the efforts of Steven Borne, a third party activist with the New American Independent Party:
Borne, a Rye resident, has spearheaded an effort to bring a third-party choice to voters on New Hampshire's ballots in 2010. He has aligned himself with a "center-left" leaning national organization known as the New American Independent Party.

The party says it seeks to take the most practical ideas from both the Democratic and Republican parties and offers a slate of candidates free of the constraints of big money and who are engaged to better the country. It was founded in 2004 and is trying to establish support in all 50 states . . .

Borne has embarked on an effort to get the New American Independent Party on the ballot in New Hampshire in 2010, but acknowledges it will be a huge challenge. He and his small group of supporters need to gather 21,315 signatures from voters who cast ballots in 2008, with all of those needing to be sent to town supervisors of the checklist for official validation.
In addition to their issues and candidates pages, the NAIP website also has a page devoted to detailing the petitioning requirements for parties and candidates to gain ballot access in all 50 states.

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