Liberals and Progressives Slowly Realizing Democratic Party is Neither Liberal nor Progressive: WA Group Launches Independent Campaign for Senate

Two stories today highlight how recognition that the Obama administration and Democratic congressional majority stand for nothing more than the reproduction of the global warfare and corporate welfare state is leading liberals and progressives to seek out third party and independent alternatives to the Democratic-Republican Party. USA Today quotes one long-time Democratic activist who could no longer deny the obvious, and finally decided to join the Green Party. Via Memeorandum:
a growing number of liberal groups and activists say they've had enough of Democrats who break their promises or cater to conservatives. "The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is now in shock," says longtime Democratic activist-turned-blogger Chris Bowland, 52, of Santa Rosa, Calif. "It's very clear the party hates us and has no respect for its base."

Bowland, who this month changed his party registration to the Green Party, says the Democrats are going to pay for it at the polls in November. "Who is it that shows up to man your phone banks and who goes knocking on your doors? Unions and left-wing activists like me," he says. But Obama has broken his campaign promises and now, "we've had it. I'm done."

Meanwhile, in the Seattle Times, columnist Jerry Large reports on the Washington State Progressive Electoral Coalition's campaign to challenge Democratic Senator Patty Murray from the left:

The Washington State Progressive Electoral Coalition is running a candidate against Patty Murray for a U.S. Senate seat. They vow to run against the current political system, to be civil, honest and open in the campaign and to be true to their word once elected. They are anti-war, pro-environment, against the war on drugs, and favor allowing same-sex couples to marry. Richard Curtis, the candidate, is a 45-year-old philosopher whose current job is teaching at Seattle Central Community College.

Curtis's campaign website is still under construction. His personal website, however, features the formal press release announcing the group's intentions:

On January 10, 2010 a group of long time activists from inside and outside the Democratic, Green, and Progressive Parties united to form a broad coalition. This coalition, composed of Democrats and Republicans, individual activists , and third-party supporters, has united to support an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Patty Murray. This campaign will serve as a protest movement against the corporate-owned political system currently in the hands of the Democrats and Republicans. We invite all interested persons and groups to join the coalition . . .

The Government is not working! Well, perhaps it is working for a very wealthy few, but most definitely not for most people, and this is the core problem today. We all know this and can see the activity around the country expressing outrage. This is the 2010 issue and we intend to make this campaign a resolution on the two party system.

Interestingly, in his interview with Jerry Large, Curtis stated that Washington's relatively new "top two" primary system figured positively in the group's strategic calculus:

they have come to believe the coalition has a real chance to win. First, Curtis said, "We realized the top-two primary has changed the dynamics." He said maybe voters won't worry about taking a chance on him if they know Murray also will advance to the general election. Second, new technology, Facebook and Twitter for instance, makes it easier to run a grass-roots campaign without a lot of cash. Third, is the timing. Many voters are angry with the two major parties.

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