The Health of Warfare and the War over Healthcare: the Democratic-Republican Global Warfare and Corporate Welfare State

It is appropriate that the Congress voted on the health care insurance industry bailout plan on the very same weekend that we marked the seventh "anniversary" of the invasion of Iraq. It is a stark reminder that the Democratic and Republican Parties, indeed, Democratic-Republican Party government as such, aims at nothing more than the maintenance and expansion of the global warfare and corporate welfare state. As both anti-war and anti-Obamacare protesters descended on Washington D.C. to denounce the pet project of the ruling Democratic regime as well as that of its Republican predecessor, all should recall that no one is more deluded than the individual who believes that support for Republicans or Democrats will lead to anything other than the reproduction of the problem that is Democratic-Republican Party government. Today, political freedom and independence begins with freedom and independence from the Democratic and Republican Parties, from the dictatorship of the two-party state and the duopoly system of government. If you are not part of the independent opposition, you are a conspirator in co-dependency.
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