CIVN Begins Series Profiling California's Third Party Candidates for Governor

At the California Independent Voter Network, Chris Hinyub has begun a series of posts profiling third party candidates for governor in the Golden State. The first is dedicated to Libertarian Party candidate Dale Ogden. Hinyub writes:
If you really want political change, you must vote the change you want to see. This means coming to terms with the impossibility of solving economic and social problems with the same strategies that created them. The Democratic and Republican parties have offered nothing but ineffectual solutions to the issues that plague California . . . It's time to consider a different approach. Gubernatorial candidates from The American Independent party, the Green Party and the Libertarian party are all offering California new strategies for fiscal solvency and much needed administrative reform . . .

Dale Ogden, businessman and Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, feels justice for individuals has been abandoned by our current two-party system. “Politics has become a business, not of protecting life, liberty and property, but one of dispensing largess to favored individuals and groups and imposing prohibitions and restrictions on those who are out of favor,” Ogden says. A defender of individual freedom and personal accountability, Mr. Ogden seeks to end special consideration legislation which makes government the servant of corporations and unions, not the people: “As a pro-liberty candidate, I offer no special privileges for anyone; I offer only to let you keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible, and expect you to be responsible for running your own life.” If elected, Ogden's first priorities would be to stop California's “financial bleeding” and reform its justice system.

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