Calling Them Out: California Environmental Group Pretends Green Party Does Not Exist

Citizen Tleilax argues that the Democratic-Republican two-party state and duopoly system of government is predicated upon the active suppression of third party and independent viewpoints critical of the ruling political class and two-party status quo. Obviously, duopoly ideology extends far beyond the confines of the Democratic-Republican Party proper. Tleilax calls out the California League of Conservation Voters for pretending that the Green Party does not exist:
I wrote to Warner Chabot, head of the California League of Conservation Voters, a prominent environmental organization. The CLCV created a website for the upcoming California gubernatorial election called “GreenGov2010″ and didn’t even deign to mention that there is a Green Party candidate in the race, while shamelessly using what obviously sounds like a Green Party website title. I find it absurd that an environmental organization would refuse to allow the Greens into the room to talk about being green, and plain deceptive to not even acknowledge that they exist. It is abundantly clear that something is fundamentally wrong when such a contradiction is presented without saying a single word, especially when they are well aware of what they’re doing. Ultimately, the CLCV damages its own mission when it ignores what the Green Party has to say about the issues.
The Green Party of California is running a slate of almost twenty candidates for office at virtually all levels of government this year.

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