Two New Third Party and Independent Blogs

Poli-Tea readers may enjoy two relatively new blogs that have come online in recent weeks, at least so far as I can tell. Start a Third Party Now relays choice quotes, editorial cartoons and article excerpts, and effectively calls for a third party revolution. In its "about" section, Jay Edward writes:
The masses of people walk around hypnotized. Hypnotized defined as believed falsehoods as true. While the country is still salvageable, the public somehow must wake up to the fact that neither party serves them, only their constituents [i.e. corporations? -d.]. The present path leads to ruin for the republic.
The second blog is entitled My Third Party and is a sister site to the Daily Puma. The inaugural post at My Third Party reads in part:
It seems nowadays that neither the democrats or republicans have been able to retain the kind of integrity that most would expect. There is such a constant parrying for position that the whole point of becoming a politician has been lost. . . . So lets use this blog for two equally important purposes. Lets support third party candidates all over the country by listing their blogs on this page, and lets also reward any political candidate willing to publicly renounce the sneaky internal 2008 democratic tactics that has splintered the democratic party.

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