The Ensuring Liberty PAC: Dedicated to Ensuring the Tyranny of the Democratic-Republican Two-Party State

Numerous reports on the Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee noted that organizers were also developing a political action committee to facilitate the election of "tea party candidates" for political office. On February 5th, the New York Times reported:
Organizers of the convention announced on Friday that they were forming a political action committee to raise money and provide political consulting and campaign management for Tea Party-approved candidates. The PAC, an offshoot of a newly incorporated 501c4 called Ensuring Liberty, will seek to raise $10 million this year to spend in races in the 2010 Congressional elections.
New details have now emerged on the organization's mission and goals, which clearly demonstrate that it is nothing more than front group for the Democratic-Republican Party, dedicated to ensuring the reproduction of the two-party state and duopoly system of government. At Big Government, John Loudon describes the new organization's structure, aims and goals. It should probably come as little surprise that a group supposedly dedicated to "Ensuring Liberty" explicitly supports nothing more than the continued dictatorship of the Democratic-Republican Party:
Ensuring Liberty will target a limited number of key races in 2010 with a plan to target many more in the following cycles and fully restore America to her first principles. Activists in Congressional districts unlikely to change will be steered to support candidates where ELPAC is at work. ELPAC plans to work within the two party system rejecting as counter-productive, any effort to create a third political party.
In other words, Ensuring Liberty does not seek to "ensure liberty" but rather aims to ensure our continued political dependence on the Democratic and Republican Parties. This is made all the more ironic by Loudon's strategic contextualization of the organization's mission. He writes:
Many pundits debated the lessons from the the New York “23rd race” and the heralded defeat of Dede Scozzafava and subsequent loss of Doug Hoffman. A couple things were clear. The Club for Growth money that went to Hoffman was not enough to bring home a winner. It was equally obvious from the loss, that the national outpouring of grassroots support from Tea Party activists all over the Country was not enough . . . The cash and volunteer support were in effect the automation that the Hoffman campaign desperately needed. The “machine” however, lacked the fine tuning . . . Hoffman had plenty of money and people but too little campaign. Next time, the Tea Party supported candidates will have all three elements. Enter, the Ensuring Liberty PAC.
So, Loudon justifies the group by arguing that it supplies precisely that which was lacking in Doug Hoffman's third party campaign in New York's special election last fall, and thus implies that Hoffman would have won if only an organization like Ensuring Liberty had been there to support the campaign, but he then goes on to explain that Ensuring Liberty would actually have been of zero help to Doug Hoffman's effort because the organization refuses to support anyone who is not beholden to the Republican or Democratic Party's political apparatus. Not only is this self-contradictory, it flies in the face of the impulse that motivated tea party activists to begin organizing against the Democratic-Republican political bi-poligarchy in the first place. Louden concludes with the following lines:
ELPAC is a resource to ensure that the best candidates run the best campaigns they can this fall. With your help, this time, I know our side will win.
Given the fact that ELPAC states that it will only support candidates who are completely dependent on the Republican or Democratic Party, how could it possibly claim to support the "best candidates" for office? Like the so-called Independence Caucus, which is explicitly dedicated to ensuring our continued political co-dependency on the Democratic-Republican duopoly system of government, the Ensuring Liberty PAC is dedicated to ensuring the continued tyranny of the Democratic-Republican two-party state.


Ross Levin said...

If they were brave enough to give a chunk of that money to third party candidates, there could very well be a few of them in Congress in the next few years.

d.eris said...

Exactly. There could very well be a few of them in Congress this year! Instead, these groups are only going to aid in the reproduction of the problem.