The Democratic and Republican Parties Have Outlived their Usefulness for the People of the United States

In a commentary for the Demopolis Times, David Snow argues that the two-party system is "flat out broken" and urges his readers to vote for unaffiliated and independent candidates in future elections:

I am a registered voter, but I am not registered with any party. Political parties seem to have outlived any use they may have had and have certainly gone beyond any purpose in governmental actions (which is, these days, a contradiction in terms). Not only are the two major parties spending every waking moment butting heads, but voters who are registered with one party will often vote for the other party if their registered party isn’t doing well or isn’t popular during Election Day.

The two-party system is not just malfunctioning; it’s flat-out broken. Neither party is getting anything done, and the entire span of a Congressional term is being used to campaign for oneself and against the opposing party instead of working to achieve. It’s getting — or has gotten — ridiculous. Politicians have become all about the party and none about the purpose.

I think the best way to get government working again is to vote for someone who is not affiliated with any major party. Do some research prior to the state primaries this summer and find a candidate who has good ideas but is not beholden to promote partisan politics as the members of the major parties apparently are.

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icr said...

A two-party system-in a huge and diverse country like the US- cobbles together two grand and unnatural coalitions that have no purpose other than defeating each other for public office.

The two parties operate within the constraints of elite consensus and mainly differ rhetorically: