Site Launch: Third Party and Independent Daily

One of the reasons I started up Poli-Tea almost a year ago was because I had grown tired of reading the same old discredited arguments from the same old discredited commentators in support of the same old discredited politicians and policy positions, and finally decided that if I desired to read sustained commentary in support of alternatives to the two-party state, the duopoly system of government and the ideology that supports them, I was going to have to write it myself. Since then, however, I have discovered a great many blogs and websites dedicated to the very same project, and have become acquainted with numerous third party and independent bloggers from across the political spectrum who are equally devoted to exposing the sham that is the duopolist order and share an interest in supporting third party and independent candidates for office. Clearly, though, this aim is inhibited to some extent by the disjointed character of the third party and independent web.

A number of friends and readers have written to me in the past suggesting the creation of a group blog dedicated to third party and independent news and commentary that would serve as a forum for debate and discussion and provide another home for third party and independent activists on the political web. I have therefore taken the liberty of starting up Third Party and Independent Daily, which I launched on January 1st. Obviously, the site is a work in progress and is somewhat sparse as of yet, but I have already created a number of news aggregation pages attached to it, and have been in contact with some of you who have expressed interest in contributing to just such a project. Allow me, then, to take this opportunity to extend an open invitation to friends and readers who might be interested in becoming contributors to the site. Contributions could run the gamut from link lists or simple provocations intended to spark debate, to excerpts of news articles or press releases, to cross-postings of original reporting and commentary from your own blog. Send me an email (damoneris at gmail) and I'll send you an invite. As always, suggestions and critique are welcome in the comments.


Ross Levin said...

Thanks for doing this. I'd love to write there. You're one of the best third party advocates online, IMHO.

d.eris said...

Thanks Ross. I'll send you an invite later on today.

Septimus said...

Great. If there is anything I can do to help, I will.


Greetings All,

Congratulations on the creation of this new site. Ive added to my blog list and drop by regularly to how things develop.

We're currently knee deep in Libertarian Taylor Bryant's run for Georgia's 22nd State Senate seat in Augusta and the special election is happening today. This was the first of three special elections that will be held in Georgia by the end of march to select two State Senators and member of the Georgia House. These elections are exempt from my fair states draconian 1943 Jim Crow Ballot access laws and as such offer a unique opportunity for third party activism.

If you'd like to know more about our efforts with Libertarian Taylor Bryant, head over to:

The next special election in Georgia will be for the 42nd State Senate seat in Decatur. This race would be well suited for a Green Party presence as the district has been described as "Where San Francisco meets Mayberry" by local bloggers and that is pretty accurate. The Libertarian party has a candidate in waiting and several democrats have declared as well, most notably, Jason Carter, grandson of President Jimmy Carter.

Once again, congratulations on the establishment of this new outlet for third party voices and opinions.

d.eris said...

Thanks TANST! I wasn't familiar with the Bryant race. Monds seems like a promising candidate in GA this year. Think he has good chances? I'll be sure to check out B&S.