American Pirate Party Gaining Organizational Momentum on Reddit

With the US Pirate Party in disarray due to a lack of leadership and the resignation of its administrator, there is serious movement afoot on Reddit aimed at developing a more effective group now calling itself the American Pirate Party. At FDL, Jim Moss points to the Reddit post that started the flurry of activist organization yesterday, which was entitled: "America, we need a third party that can galvanize our generation." Since then hundreds of posts have flooded the group's sub-reddit (as it's called), which now has just under 1400 readers. Individual posts cover everything from developing the group's platform, website, decision-making structure, communicative organization and outreach (for instance, its Facebook page) to name just a handful. Other independent Pirate Party groups (such as the USA Pirate Party) that had formed over the last year or so have also begun to contact the Reddit group. The USA Pirate Party writes:
Those arriving from Reddit must be asking themselves, is this a dead site? No, we are not with Davy Jones quite yet. We have been researching how we can actually get the USA Pirate Party on state ballots. We posted up the Connecticut version as an example of exactly what one must due to get our name on the ballot.

See, the status quo hates third parties, it is extremely hard to get on the ballot. It is almost like the Democrats and Republicans hate democracy. Which, of course, they do. No one wants to be a pirate, life makes them. We were going to do a proper launch in a month or two, doing our usual media antics that have helped out so many other causes, but it seems we are meant to sale much earlier than planned.
The American Pirate Party Facebook page features the group's "declaration and demands," which, at this point, appear to amalgamate progressive, libertarian and green principles. Poli-Tea fully supports dumping the duopolist ballast from the American ship of state.


Michael said...

Our Web presence is still pretty chaotic, since about five people jumped in and started building it, but we're starting to group them all together at the official Wiki, here.

Watching this has been like watching a grain of salt dropped into a supersaturated solution.

DaTaco said...

I just wanted to say thank you for covering us.

Thank you,
American Pirate Party Council Member

d.eris said...

Keep up the good work and the momentum! I'll probably write up an update this weekend.