All Jokes are Half Truths and the Joke is on You: if You Support Democrats or Republicans, You are the Problem

There is an old saying that all jokes are half truth. In this sense, the politics of the Democratic-Republican duopoly system of government cannot be reasonably considered anything but a cruel joke. Among the many structural effects the ideology of the two-party state has on our political discourse, its distortion of our sense of truth must be considered one of the most pernicious. Whether Democratic or Republican, partisans of the ruling order prove time and again that they are incapable of articulating anything but half truths, half the truth and nothing but half truths. The reasons for this are not difficult to discern: the Republican and the Democrat each represent half the political problem facing the people of the United States. The extent to which you side with the one or the other, for whatever reason, is the extent to which you are responsible for the maintenance and reproduction of the greatest political problem facing the people of the United States: the tyranny of the Democratic-Republican two-party state and the duopoly system of government. Slowly but surely, more and more Americans are coming to realize their complicity in the ongoing conspiracy of dunces between the Democratic and Republican Parties. At Michigan's Holland Sentinel, Todd Leva writes:
We try the Republicans in power, they get nothing of substance done. We vote them out, and vote in Democrats. We find out they, too, have no answers, and again nothing changes. The never-ending cycle begins; Republican control to Democratic control, back to Republicans and back again to the Democrats. We just elected Democrats and gave them complete control of the federal government, yet to no one’s surprise the results are more of the same — nothing. Nothing but more money wasted, more broken promises and a deeper American made hole.

I will make a lot of friends when I say this: This mess is in large part, your fault. Yep, that’s right, your fault. Mine too, mind you. I too wear the cloak of blame, we want something much better, but never act upon that want. It’s our fault the nation is going nowhere.

When do we as the electorate demand another option?


Michael said...

Amen. It doesn't get much plainer than that.

Samuel Wilson said...

We'll start demanding other options when we finally realize that the country's problems aren't just a product of any politician's term in office but are the long-term results of shared power by the major parties, and when we finally stop falling for new faces who claim to be different from their discredited fellow partisans. Whether we'll recognize the options available is another story, since that will require us to entrust power to people who don't already have it.

BuelahMan said...

Michael said it, but I will add

"and amen."