Toward a Green-Libertarian Anti-War Front: Against the Global Warfare State

With its announcement of an escalation of the war in Afghanistan, the Obama administration demonstrates once again the continuity of policy between the Democratic and Republican Parties in favor of the global warfare and corporate welfare state. Both the Libertarian and Green Parties have taken strong stands against the expansion of the war in central Asia. In a press release from late September, the Libertarian Party stated its opposition to the McChrystal strategy:

You may have heard today's prominent news stories about President Obama's military commander in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, and his request to greatly increase the presence of U.S. armed forces there. The Libertarian Party opposes this plan. We want to end the war, not escalate it. In September 2008, the Libertarian National Committee adopted this resolution:

WHEREAS the government of the United States should return to its historical libertarian tradition of avoiding entangling alliances, foreign quarrels, and military adventures; and

WHEREAS the stability and security of Afghanistan lie outside the jurisdiction of the government of the United States; and

WHEREAS the Libertarian Party recognizes that the only legitimate role of the military is to defend America against direct attack or the imminent threat of attack;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian National Committee calls on the government of the United States to withdraw the armed forces of the United States from Afghanistan, without undue delay.

Democrats often claim to oppose foreign wars. But after eight months in total control of Congress and the White House, Democrats have done nothing to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Green Party has now issued a press release calling on President Obama to reverse his Afghanistan policy and announcing that the group will be participating in upcoming anti-war protests:
Green Party leaders called on President Obama to reverse his Afghanistan policy by pledging an immediate cease-fire in the Afghanistan war and a complete withdrawal of US troops and military contractors, when he addresses the nation on Tuesday, December 1.

During the speech, President Obama will announce his intention to send 30,000 more troops, raising the number of US personnel in Afghanistan to over 100,000.

"Millions of Americans voted for Barack Obama in 2008 under the impression that he was an 'antiwar' candidate, even though Mr. Obama supported the war in Afghanistan and favored a limited withdrawal from Iraq. Troop escalation will not 'finish the job' in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan. Unless he surprises us in his speech on Tuesday, we'll be further mired in a war that shouldn't have happened in the first place," said Rosa Clemente, the Green Party's nominee for Vice President in 2008 (

The Green Party of the United States will participate in antiwar protests scheduled for Saturday, December 12 in Washington, DC, and other locations throughout the US.

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