NC Constitution Party Chairman: Two-Party System is a Sham

In North Carolina's Statesville Record and Landmark, Jim McNally reports on a meeting of the Constitution Party of North Carolina:

The CPNC leaders who spoke at the Golden Corral . . . [pointed out] the folly in supporting either of the two major political parties that have had a stranglehold on the electorate for the past century and a half.

"We're pretty upset at the way the government is going," said Mike Moorefield of Statesville. "And we think it's time to change."

And CPNC State Chairman Al Pisano did say things as they now are will continue unless like-minded people ban together and stop "picking the lesser of two evils" when they mark their ballots in the voting booths.

"This so-called two-party system is a sham," Pisano said, and he went on to point out that the United States' Founding Fathers and the writers of the nation's most esteemed documents would be appalled by what has become of their handiwork.

"We've gotten away from the meanings behind the Declaration of Independence and the true meaning of the Constitution," Pisano said. "And that's how we got into the mess we're in." . . .

Based on the speeches given Tuesday, the written material distributed at the meeting and other information found on the CPNC Web site, the party could be classified as being staunchly conservative . . .

"The only wasted vote," [Pisano] said, "is the one you cast for someone you don't truly believe in."

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