The Definition of Political Insanity: Continuing to Elect Democrats and Republicans in the Expectation of Good Government

According to the old adage, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. On this definition, Democratic-Republican politics is clearly insane, insofar as the standard Democratic and Republican responses to any given problem dictate employing strategies that have failed to solve that problem in the past. On this definition, it is equally insane to continue electing or otherwise supporting Democrats and Republicans under the expectation that the result would be anything other than a government by the ruling political class, for the ruling political class and of the ruling political class. It is thus not surprising that there is no accountability in US government and politics, as the insane are typically not held responsible for their actions. But that doesn't mean they should be allowed to run the asylum.

The dead-enders of the duopoly parties continue to advocate the election of Democrats and Republicans on the basis of a narrow partisan apprehension of the political problem facing the people of the United States. Thus the Republican asserts that Democratic policies are the root of all political evil, while the Democrat asserts the same regarding the Republicans. But the political problem facing the people of the United States is greater than either the Republican or Democratic Parties, it is Democratic-Republican politics as such, the duopoly system of government and the two-party state. As both Republicans and Democrats are invested and implicated in the reproduction of this problem, they are incapable of addressing it. Indeed, as with so many other things, they can only be trusted to exacerbate it.

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