Toward a Green-Libertarian Alliance

At Independent Political Report and Libertarian Intelligence, Brian Holtz seeks common ground between Libertarians and Greens:
I'm happy for us Libertarians to work with Greens on issues where we agree. I'm happy for Greens to be better civil libertarians, I'm happy for Libertarians to more green, and I'm happy for both to promote electoral reform, ballot access, and decentralizing government . . .

I'm skeptical that local GP+LP fusion candidacies can accomplish much in the absence of narrow short-term local policy goals, but I'd be happy to find out I'm wrong. GP+LP fusion won't send the right electoral signal unless there is a clear national-level statement of our common ground.

There are two good possible starting points for such a statement: 1) the Free Earth Manifesto, and 2) this redacted version of the Democratic Freedom Caucus platform. I would love for an intellectually-adventurous Green Party insider to take her red (or green) pen to either document and see how little she could cross out before finding the remainder supportable. I'm confident that the remainder would still be a bold and powerful statement for human liberty and ecological wisdom.
On this topic, see also Roderick T. Long's Libertarian reading of the Green Party's "Ten Key Values" in which he attempts to demonstrate the commensurability of Green and Libertarian politics. It seems like a fair amount of the impetus toward a Green-Libertarian strategic alliance is coming from the Libertarians. Anyone familiar with Green overtures toward Libertarians?

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