Third Party and Independent Web Roundup

What's going on in the third party and independent web today?
In the news:
Ballot Access News points out a lengthy article in City Hall on the Working Families Party in New York State.
• At Independent Political Report, Kimberly Wilder relays a report from Ballot Access News stating that "minor party and independent candidates are involved in constitutional election law cases in at least 21 states."
The Thirds is following news on the campaign to draft Ralph Nader to run for Senate in Connecticut.

From the parties:
The American Centrist Party features a Blog Talk Radio interview with the group's National Chairman Andrew Evans on "shared sacrifice."
The American Conservative Party features a letter by Alan Reasin to his Congressional delegation and the president.
• In its Thanksgiving message, the Constitution Party states that "Americans can give thanks the US is not limited to two parties."
• The Green Party relays a press release from the CT chapter stating that "Connecticut Greens would welcome a Nader run for Senate."
• The Libertarian Party blog reports that the Maryland chapter has nominated their candidates for governor and lieutenant governor.
• The Modern Whig Party has announced that its first national conference will be taking place in December in Washington D.C.
• The Pirate Party provides a rundown of the Orphaned Works Act.
• The Socialist Party calls for opposition to an escalation of the war in Afghanistan.

In the blogs:
Attack the System relays its extensive weekly news digest.
• At Bonzai Mike Farmer reflects on the implications of increased dependence on government.
Bulls Eye Politics outlines "what we all can (and must) do," a letter to a local 9/12 organizer.
Green Party Watch reports on the party's petition drives in Hawaii and Arizona.
The Hankster reports that independents are gaining influence in Atlanta, Utah and NYC.
• At Humble Libertarian, W.E. Messamore has updated his list of the top 100 Libertarian blogs and websites.
The Jacksonian Party reflects on "decades of horror."
• At Mirror on America, Liberal Arts Dude compares Obama with Brazilian President Lula and argues that the latter is "what a left-wing presidency looks like."
• At On the Wilder Side, Kimberly Wilder draws attention to upcoming World March for Peace events.
• At Polizeros, Bob Morris makes the case for left-wing populism.
Ross Levin calls for a re-awakening of the anti-war movement and reports on upcoming anti-war protests.

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