Third Party and Independent Web Roundup

In the news:
Ballot Access News reports on the New York Independence Party's showing in last week's mayoral election in NYC.
Independent Political Report carries a press release from the Green Party opposing the Democrats' bailout of the insurance industry in the guise of health care reform.
The Thirds relays word that Tim Cahill, independent gubernatorial candidate in MA, has rejected an offer to suspend his campaign and join Republican Charles Baker as the latter's running mate.
• At The Hankster, Nancy Hanks reflects on the significance of the New York Independence Party's efforts in the NYC mayoral election last week: "At a time when the votes of both major parties Dems and Repubs went down, the 15 year old grassroots Independence Party doubled its vote."

From the parties:
• The American Centrist Party features the independent campaign of Will Ritter for Maryland House of Delegates' District 32 on their front page.
• The American Conservative Party wants you to tell your Senators to vote no on health care reform.
• The Communist Party announces the launch of the new website for their media outlet People's World.
• For the Constitution Party, Mary Starrett reflects on the significance and import of Doug Hoffman's campaign in NY'23rd.
• The Green Party highlights Green candidates' gains in city council races nationwide.
• The Libertarian Party blog explains how to run for office.
• To account for its "surge in membership," the Modern Whig Party states that it is attracting moderate Republicans who have abandoned the GOP.
• The Pirate Party reflects on the meaning of "government transparency": "It means more than just "knowing what our government is doing.""
• The Socialist Party puts out a call for action against the School of the Americas on Nov. 20th.

In the blogs:
Attack the System provides a lengthy news digest.
Bonzai argues that duopolist government is the condition of its own failure.
• At Contra Duopoly, Fundman reflects on the outcome of the "Fox News war."
• At Delaware Libertarian, Steve Newton specifies the organizations he belongs to that promote genocide or homophobia.
• At An Ordinary Person, Liberal Arts Dude considers the options for an engaged citizenry 2.0.
Green Party Watch relays a story from Scoop Daily considering how the growth of independents could bolster the Green Party.
The Jacksonian Party considers "the foundations of law."
Least of All Evils relays "a press release of sorts" from the Center for Range Voting on the elections of 2009.
• In a guest post at The Maine View, Harris Parnell, the state director of the League of Young Voters, reflects on the defeat of marriage equality legislation in Maine's elections last week.
• At Daily Kos, rossl supports the National Initiative for Democracy.
• At The Rotterdam Windmill, Michael O'Connor has begun a series of posts offering a post-election analysis of his experience running for town council.
• At The Whig, Septimus reflects on the parasitical character of the political class.
• At The Think Three Institute, Sam Wilson reminds us that "moderation is not independence and independence is not moderation."

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Samuel Wilson said...

Thanks for the plug, D., and here's a direct link to the Zogby poll on "independents" and "moderates" I discuss, so readers can interpret it for themselves.