Third Party and Independent Web Roundup

What's going on in the third party and independent web today?

In the news:
Ballot Access News reports that, following Dede Scozzafava's withdrawal from the race, the "New York Independence Party chair Frank MacKay now regrets thats the Independence Party nominated Dede Scozzafava for U.S. House, in the 23rd district special election."
• At IPR, Ross Levin collects stories reflecting the ways in which the independent and third party candidates in the NJ gubernatorial election and NY's 23rd have begun to affect the larger political discourse.
The Thirds reports on the slate of Green Party candidates for state offices in Illinois in 2010, and summarizes the New Jersey Star-Ledger's re-endorsement of independent gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett.
• At The Hankster, Nancy Hanks draws attention to the "incredible grassroots support for Kasim Reed in the Atlanta Mayoral race."

From the parties:
The American Centrist Party states that it now has members in all fifty states plus Washington D.C.
The Constitution Party reports on the state of the race for mayor in Sandy Utah, where the four-term incumbent is facing challenger Dave Perry of the Constitution Party.
The Green Party provides a helpful list of "Green Party candidates to watch on election day 2009."
The Libertarian Party blog is incensed at "more bailout madness" and asks: "are you fed up enough to run for Congress?"
The Modern Whig Party is "gaining momentum" and has undergone "another surge in membership."
The US Pirate Party takes a strong stand against Senator John McCain's opposition to net neutrality.
The Socialist Party calls for a "mobilization for health care" and draws attention to "a coordinated number of civil disobedience actions across the US organized by the Mobilization for Health Care for All."

In the blogs:
• At A Green State of Mind, Darrin Robins reflects on "prehension and prefiguration in politics."
• At Bonzai, Mike Farmer discusses the historical relation between liberalism and libertarianism.
The Jacksonian Party "examines health care in light of the powers of government."
• At Least of All Evils, Dale Sheldon demonstrates the inadequacies of plurality voting and instant runoff voting with a simple example: how to decide where to go for dinner.
• At The Whig, Septimus wishes all a Happy Halloween.
• At The Think 3 Institute, Sam Wilson argues that "all conservatism is local."


il principe said...

Thanks for the info. There needs to be some kind of social mobilization using the Internet to get the movement to challenge the duopoly. There needs to a national platform of a third party with ten planks outlining what they will do once in office. For example, getting rid of lobbyists in DC should be the first platform issue.
Hope you can check out my posting I did on it today on my blog.

d.eris said...

Thanks for the comment, il principe, with which I completely agree. Opinione looks cool, I'll be sure to check it out.