Third Party and Independent Web Roundup

What's going on in the third party and independent blogosphere today?

In news:
• At IPR, Ross Levin reports on the Modern Whig Party's two newest candidates for congress in Florida in 2010.
• Ballot Access News compares Washington state's "top two" reform law with California's.
• The Constitution Party announces that former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo will address the national Constitution Party in Phoenix.
• The Green Party website features the campaign of Mary DeCamp for city council in Tucson.
• The Libertarian Party blog is conducting polls on troop levels in Afghanistan, Reagan, Obama and non-interventionism, and the hypocrisy of Republicans.
• The US Pirate Party is considering its options for alliances and cross-endorsements with other minor parties. At the top of the list is the Green Party. Certainly, many Libertarians would also find little to disagree with on the Pirate Party's platform.
• The Socialist Party reports on the results of their national convention held earlier this month in New Jersey.

In the blogs:
• Attack the System relays an article on your Basic Bakunin.
• At Bonzai, Mike Farmer reflects on the importance of demystifying the state.
Bulls Eye Politics argues that the Democratic-Republican two-party state equals the death of representative government.
Delaware Libertarian considers "the continuing militarization of American foreign policy in places most of us never think about."
• At Folk Politics, Liberal Arts Dude responds to Jackie Salit's recent article on independents and the health care debate.
Green Party Watch relays a message from Cynthia McKinney from Cape Town, South Africa.
The Hankster has headlines on independents in the national news and on the NJ governor's race and NYC's mayoral election.
• At The Maine View, Derek Viger interviews independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler.
Mirror on America subjects the results of the recent "Democracy Corps study on race" to serious criticism.
NJ Election 2009 has the latest news on the NJ gubernatorial race.
• At On the Wilder Side, Kimberly Wilder likens the Obama administration's "new" stance on the criminalization of medical marijuana users to "baby steps."
• At The Rotterdam Windmill, Michael O'Connor takes stock of his campaign for town council in Rotterdam NY. Michael successfully established an independent ballot line for the No New Tax Party and won the GOP primary.
The Thirds continues their wall to wall coverage of the NJ governor's race and the special election in NY's 23rd.
• At The Whig, Septimus urges Texans to vote yes on proposition 4.
• Sam Wilson reflects on yet another advanced obit for the newspaper industry.

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