Third Party and Independent Web Roundup

What's going on in the third party and independent web?
• The Communist Party relays a review of Michael Moore's 'Capitalism' from People's World.
• For the Constitution Party, Mary Starrett provides a commentary highlighting the many new grassroots organizations dedicated to changing the face of the US House.
• The Green Party is urging widespread anti-war protests on the day Obama accepts his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo.
• The Libertarian Party blog carries an update on a "Save School Choice Rally" in Washington D.C., attended by LNC staffers.
The Modern Whig Party relays some positive press on the party from Georgia and New York.
• In a guest post for A Green State of Mind, Susan Donderewicz considers "how property tax has shaped our local economy (and look at the shape we're in)."
Attack the System carries it's usual, and extensive, news digest.
• At Bonzai, Mike Farmer reflects on the conflict between private charity and the welfare state.
Buelahman's Redstate Revolt reposts Cindy Sheehan's thoughts on Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama.
• In a similar vein, Delaware Libertarian points out the Orwellian implications of Obama's peace prize.
Exposing the Two-Party Hoax suggests "Obama is lying into war with Iran."
Green Party Watch relays NYC Green Party mayoral candidate Billy Talen's reflections on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize: "War has finally captured peace."
The Hankster continues to follow the open vs. closed primaries debate.
Independent View notes that "military ballots are at risk in NY's special election."
The Melting Pot Project is surprised to find out that Sesame's Street's Big Bird is a Birther.
• At Next Free Voice, Steven Greffenius reflects on his experiences in the Massachusetts Libertarian Party.
The Thirds highlights the Republican Party's continuing attacks on the only conservative in the race for NY's 23rd US House seat.
• At The Whig, Septimus relays an update on the Modern Whig Party's efforts in Washington State.
• Sam Wilson considers "partisan immunity and Rep. Rangel" at The Think 3 Institute.
• The Unrepentant Marxist writes on "civilian control of the military" in the light of General McChrystal's recent statements on Afghanistan.


Ross said...

Thanks for doing this roundup. You're one of the best third partisan bloggers out there - people like you will make the third party netroots a valuable tool. You should email to see if you can become a contributor at IPR, if you want to. I don't have the authority to make you an editor, but I think you should be.

d.eris said...

Thanks Ross. Maybe I'll look into it.