Poli-Tricks: the two-party system is the Janus-face of the corporate welfare state.

In a reader commentary for the Wisconsin Rapids Tribube, Joseph Bachman considers the promises of change once made by candidate Barack Obama, but concludes that the president –and by extension the Democratic-Republican Congress– is incapable of delivering the change that is necessary, precisely because what is necessary is the dismantling, if not the outright destruction, of the two-party system:
The change [must] come from within our ruptured two party system. Above that the power large corporations hold over this country and its politics also needs to not only change, but come to an abrupt end . . . there is no politics anymore, only politricks. It's a complete facade of what our country used to be, at a time when the people truly cared, and when the words of politicians actually carried value . . .

where the flow of money goes as does the power to control this nation. Every night we see on cable news networks the ongoing battle between Republicans and Democrats over issues that will never be resolved, and an ideology that essentially is the same collectivist jargon only shouted in different mannerisms. Politics are no longer relevant, because it is only there to meet the status quo, while the nation and its progress or in this case regression is under the duress of a small group of rich and powerful men . . .

When you have money primarily controlling all voices in this democracy, you block out the voices of dissent and the voices of something outside of the status quo. Voices that demand an end to corporate funded campaigns, the end of the useless two party system, the removal of the Federal Reserve and an unbalanced and uncontrollable money supply that is created out of thin air with no substance, and many other voices that recognize that our entire social structure along with this nation are and have been diseased for some time, and it's only getting worse.

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