NJ: First Gubernatorial Debate Tonight, Previewed in Second Daggett Web Ad. Declare Your Independece.

The first of four three-way debates leading up to New Jersey's gubernatorial election on November 3rd is scheduled to take place tonight at 8pm. The events will, of course, feature independent candidate Chris Daggett, incumbent Democratic bankster Jon Corzine and the career lawyer and lobbyist, Republican Chris Christie. Though only 16% of the population in the Garden State is familiar with Daggett, according to recent polls, he is favored over the duopoly candidates by 12% of respondents and viewed favorably by 11%. The Thirds noted yesterday:
To know Daggett is to vote for Daggett . . . The bad news in the poll is that 84-percent of people in New Jersey still don't know enough about Daggett form an opinion. But even with that number 12-percent of people in the poll released today said they would vote for Daggett.

This polling data shows that nearly everybody that knows about Daggett has decied to vote for the Independent. Bill Pascoe wrote, "That's a rate virtually unheard of in campaigns." Tomorrow the first New Jersey Gubernatorial debate will take place, and that means a lot more exposure for Daggett and according to the trend in this poll, many more votes.

Another big piece of good news in this poll for Daggett is 41-percent of likely voters in New Jersey said taxes is the most important campaign issue. Only Daggett has come-out with a bold plan to tackle taxes in the Garden State.
Ahead of tonight's debate, the Daggett campaign has released its second ad on the web, a "mock debate video," which has already received some positive press from New Jersey News Room's Tom Hester, who writes:
It's 8 minutes and 55 seconds of laughs with a little bit of head shaking on your part added to remind us of the seriousness of the election of the next governor. The campaign of Independent candidate Chris Daggett Wednesday released what it describes as the first debate of the campaign and it stars him and very good look-alikes of Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine and Republican challenger Chris Christie.
The mock gubernatorial debate video is already up on Youtube:

The campaign's first ad was released three weeks ago. If you want to tune in online tonight, the debates will be webcast on NJN Public Television and Radio.

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