Calling Third Party and Independent Bloggers

Apparently inspired, in part, by an off the cuff remark in the comments here at Poli-Tea, Ross Levin has begun an effort to expand the "Readers' Blogs" section at Independent Political Report. Ross writes at IPR:
If you’re a reader of Independent Political Report and you have a blog in which you talk about third parties or independents, then please let us know in the comments of this post! I am hoping to expand our list of “Readers’ Blogs,” thanks to a complaint by d.eris. Hopefully once we get a more complete list, our blogroll can function as a list of the most essential blogs in the third party blogosphere, and the third party blogosphere will be a bit more united. If you’re a Green, Libertarian, Whig, independent, or anything else - we want to know about your blog!
There are only five responses to Ross's post at this point, go drop him your link or nominate another one for consideration. Personally, I'm looking to get some good leads for the next installment of the rough guide to the third party and independent blogosphere, which is in the works.

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