America Speaks: You are being lied to.

At America Speaks Ink, C. Rich reflects on the growing discontent, on both the left and the right, with the Democratic-Republican system of political bipoligarchy and makes a strong, if hyperbolic, case for the expansion of political choice:
People on both sides now have been lied to by their government. First the right was politically raped by the Republicans when for years they went around talking about small government. The Republican Party expanded government faster than Pat Buchanan’s erection when Sarah Palin walks in the room. The money they spent and the path to bankruptcy we were put on, constituted an ideological treason for millions of voters.

The Left said, “Look they lied; they grew government.” Give us a chance and we will bring hope and change . . . The Democrats went around for decades talking about universal heath care. It was the very definition of who they were and what they said they would do if given the power. Now Look what they are doing. Instead of universal health care they are handing the insurance companies, who have been ripping us off for years, forty to fifty million new customers. Of course they will drop preexisting conditions and insurance caps. Look at all the money these corporations get with another mandated fifty million customers, who “have to buy” insurance from them or we get “fined or put in jail.” . . .

Now that both parties have lied to us, the last party that lied to us tells us they are sorry and if given the chance will make this all better. People just don’t believe these Chicken Little’s anymore and the sky has already fallen. This is why there is so much anger out there . . .

We need more choices. We need more parties to pick from, similar to Parliamentary styles of governments that are found among our friends and allies of the world. It is time to tweak our democracy. I keep going back and forth about this subject in my head. Part of me feels like working within the Republican Party to change it. However I can’t blind myself to the fact that both Calm Conservatives and Blue Dog Democrats really have no home in these parties. I would like to see a third, fourth and fifth party effort that would make Ross Perot’s efforts look like Romper Room.

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