Toward a Green-Libertarian Alliance (Update)

The article by J.E. Robertson at Cafe Sentido, which considers the the possibility of a Green-Libertarian alliance, and which I excerpted here the other day, also caught the attention of Green Party Watch and Independent Political Report. At Green Party Watch, Gregg Jocoy writes:
If we are to break the stranglehold the corporate parties have on the American electorate, we must take some risks. As Congresswoman McKinney said, If we are to get something new, we must do something new.
At Independent Political Report, Paulie Cannoli picks up on the GPW post, and publishes an email exchange on the subject of 'Libertarian Greens' in which he relays links to two relevant articles by Roderick Long on the topic. The first triangulates libertarianism with respect to the traditional distinction between the left and the right, while the second provides a charitable libertarian reading of the Green Party's ten key values.

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