Third Party and Independent Web Roundup

What's going on in the third party and independent blogosphere today?

Ballot Access News notes the series of upsets achieved by Independence Party write-in candidates against on-ballot opponents in Putnam County New York.

In NYS, the Conservative Party profiles its candidates for the upcoming New York City elections. At IPR, Peter Orvetti notes that their candidate for mayor, Stephen Christopher, is currently polling at 2%,

The Constitution Party questions the GOP's dedication to a pro-life agenda, in a piece by Kathleen Gilbert.

The Green Party highlights Javier Del Sol's campaign for mayor of Lake Worth, Florida, as well as the success of the CT Green Party's lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state's campaign finance law.

The Libertarian Party blog features an interview with LP Chairman William Redpath on Reason TV.

Attack the System provides an extensive news digest and web round-up.

Bonzai opposes the Obama administration's apparent belief that "global management of the economy is possible and desireable."

Buelahman takes issue with Ron Paul's claim that "no one has a right to health care."

Bulls Eye Politics argues that it is "our responsibility to throw the bums out."

Considering news on the expansion of the war in Afghanistan, Exposing the Two-Party Hoax wonders how the duopoly state came to be controlled by "warmonger group A and warmonger group B."

Green Party Watch has updates on a number of Green campaigns for local office in the Northeast.

The Hankster live-blogged President Obama's speech at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

At Least of All Evils, Dale Sheldon argues that score voting could make term limits unnecessary.

Manifestos from the Decline provides a "futuristic view of the health care debacle."

At On the Wilder Side, Kimberly Wilder questions the necessity of calling up thousands of military and police "to keep American citizens from expressing themselves to economic leaders" outside the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh.

At The Rotterdam Windmill, Michael O'Connor features a guest post on "Two-Party Paradox" by yours truly.

The Thirds relays a report on a possible independent candidate for governor in Nevada.

Reflecting on the protests outside the G-20 summit, Sam Wilson of The Think 3 Institute finds it odd that so few people today feel threatened by "the anarchist menace" (my term, not his), as opposed to 100 years ago.

At The Whig, Septimus relays a letter from Gene Baldassari, Modern Whig candidate for office in the NJ Assembly, on the need for a viable third party.

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