Third Party and Independent Web Roundup

What's going on in the third party and independent blogosphere today?

At The Whig, Septimus reports on the series of town hall style meetings that will be held by Paul McCain, the Modern Whig Party's candidate for congressional office in Florida.

IPR provides and update on the Modern Whig Party, which is set to announce their second candidate for congressional office.

Thomas Knapp makes the case that labor unions "represent exactly the kind of competition one would expect to see in a free labor market." Delaware Libertarian responds to Knapp's libertarian case for labor unions.

Green Party Watch reports that the Green Party candidate for city council in Cleveland, Ohio, Brian Cummins, won the run-off contest preceding the November election.

At A Green State of Mind, Darin Robins reflects on 'President Obama as Sublime Object of Desire.'

On the independent front, The Hankster is following the debate on closed vs. open primaries in Idaho.

Manifestos from the Decline does what the mainstream media are apparently unwilling to do, namely, some fact-checking.

At The Melting Pot Project, Joe wonders whether Massachusetts is ruining the sanctity of divorce.

The Socialist Party NYC blog is carrying an article on how the 'private health care lobby dictates terms in health care reform.'

The Catholic Knight considers the positions of US bishops toward health care reform.

The Constitution Party headlines an article by Chuck Baldwin against flying the Chinese flag at the White House.

Gun Toting Liberal reflects on the sex lives of lawmakers in bed with lobbyists.

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