NJ: Declare Your Independence

In New Jersey's APP, Michael Symons profiles independent gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett in a four page article highlighting Daggett's career and political history:
Chris Daggett is serious enough about his independent campaign for governor to journey to Maine to glean tips from Angus King, that state's former two-term independent governor. And patient enough to wait more than four years to make the bid . . .

though he's a distant third in public-opinion polls, hovering around 10 percent — he thinks he'll benefit from the mix of an angry electorate, an unpopular incumbent, a challenger with no experience in state government and online innovations that let candidates bypass political gatekeepers.

"We've never had a better opportunity for someone who's running against the grain," said Daggett. "When you add all those things together, and with the lousy economy being what it is, we have an opportunity to rethink and reshape and reorganize government like we've never had in my lifetime. When you add it all together, I think the climate is excellent for an independent candidate to win."

His campaign reaches a new level of exposure this week, when Daggett — with his mild-mannered, middle-of-the-road emphasis on his 30 years experience solving problems — joins Gov. Jon Corzine and Republican Chris Christie in the fall's first debate. One of 10 independent and third-party candidates, Daggett takes part in the debates because he has raised more than $415,000, qualifying for $2-for-$1 public matching funds.

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