Three-Way in NY's 23rd? (Update)

The other day, I noted that the likely special election in NY's 23rd CD was shaping up to be a three-way race between Republican Dede Scozzafava, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman and a yet to be named Democrat. The Democrats have since nominated Bill Owens. Interestingly, Owens is not technically a Democrat, but rather a registered independent. At The Village Voice, Roy Edroso writes:
Like most upstate Democrats, Owens has a relatively conservative profile. In fact he's not even a Democrat -- he's a registered independent. He's a former Air Force captain and business commentator on local public TV. And he has enough money from his tax law practice that some observers suggest his ability to fund his own race might have been a factor in his choosing.
Though the race seems to have taken on its final contours, the chairman of the Conservative Party, Mike Long, is attempting to persuade the GOP to reconsider its nomination of Scozzafava. Elizabeth Benjamin has the story at The Daily Politics:
State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long is still trying convince GOP leaders in NY-23 that his candidate, Doug Hoffman, is better suited to run for the seat Rep. John McHugh will eventually vacate than their nominee, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava.
In an email from Long to Republican county chairs obtained by Benjamin, Long writes:
By postponing Congressman McHugh’s confirmation, the US Senate has given us all an unexpected second chance. I sincerely hope you will take this time to re-examine the candidacy of Dede Scozzafava. It is not too late to come together behind a candidate who can unite us all.

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